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Nutrabio – PRE Extreme

Posted on: April 27th, 2016 by admin


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In this world, there are two types of supplement companies: leaders and followers. As you’ve seen, the newest trend in the industry is claiming “no proprietary blends” and “proper doses.” This is certainly a good thing to see, but the reality is that at NutraBio we have been doing this for well over a decade and have been in business since 1996. It’s never been a question of when a good time to start being honest is.

Since we have been honest from day one, the only question we ask ourselves day in and day out is what new innovations we can lead with to better serve our athletes with. We’ve never created a “concentrate” full of under-dosed strength-building ingredients and overdosed stimulants. We’ve never created a 40-ingredient proprietary-blended fairy-dusted product that contained over 25% maltodextrin as a filler. What we did do is create the first non-proprietary blended pre-workout that is non-GMO and contains zero fillers, excipients, or additives. We’ve done this since day one with our original PRE and are continuing this with our expanded family of PRE V3 and PRE EXTREME.

Every ounce of effort from Team NutraBio has been focused on the singular goal of creating the absolutely most effective and purest pre-workout in existence. We started the no-proprietary blend trend over 15 years ago because we’re proud of our formulas. We’re focused on creating the best, and we’ve done just that by creating PRE-EXTREME.

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Watermelon, Raspberry Lemonade, Grape Berry, Dragonfruit

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